R&D at your side, for quality of life at work!

More than 5,000 colleagues have provided input to the design of this programme, R&D is committed to achieving it.

A few months ago, R&D launched an online survey in order to listen to your concerns. This allowed us to be closer to your expectations, closer to you! 

A great many of you answered our call: all categories of staff from different nationalities responded to the survey and shared their needs. All the answers, all the arguments and all the comments were read and analysed in the strictest confidence. 

Well before the launch of the DG HR "Staff Survey" - which only confirmed our results - we had already identified the main components of our programme.

During this survey, R&D also visited each DG and was able to make direct contact with you and hear your opinion!

Subsequently, based on the results of the survey, R&D organised a series of meetings and conferences that attracted thousands of colleagues and were led by the best European experts, on each theme you pointed out as your priorities.

On this basis, it was possible to establish your main priorities:

But also your main concerns:

  • sterile divisions and conflicts that weaken staff representation;
  • the partitioning of staff; you want the fair grouping and defence of all categories of staff;
  • a “low-cost” administration;
  • a deterioration of working conditions;
  • the lack of career prospects; 
  • the non-recognition of the work done in many cases;
  • a management which is not always up to the job.

And your main expectations vis-à-vis R&D, to continue to ensure:

  • unity of action of the staff representation, its renewal and ability to listen;
  • defence of the general interest of the staff and the basic principles of our public service;
  • through the role and synergies established within Federal R&D = the main union in all institutions = ensuring in particular the adoption, in all areas, of the best procedures and practices in the implementation of the Staff Regulations within the other institutions, and preventing the Commission staff from being continually and  systematically penalized;
  • its FREE training policy (2,500 colleagues were able to benefit from it in the past 3 years); the FREE distribution for members of the books for preparing a competition or the EPSO CAST (thousands of candidates have already benefited from the release of the new edition);
  • individual assistance within each procedure regarding your career with the provision of a helpdesk carried out by our experts;
  • defending your individual right;
  • legal assistance with FREE consultations with lawyers (350 colleagues were able to benefit from it in the past 3 years);
  • agreements for members with insurance companies, especially in the field of health and legal protection;
  • very convivial occasions like Christmas buffet and the “Bal du Renard”  (we were more than a 1,000 at its last edition at Tervuren Orangery).

R&D doesn’t limit its commitment to implementing YOUR programme. Throughout its mandate, R&D will come out to meet you in order to draw together the results of the different stages of the programme. You will thus be able to be part in the process, bring your contribution and ask us to report on the results of our work.