Your career

A Growing demotivation

Although the Commission puts forward the career development of staff and takes care to recruit the elite of the European Union, it is clear that the career prospects in place do not meet the expectations of colleagues recruited after 2004, whether that be colleagues who are 55+ , or  Contractual Agents.

Despite staff acquired a solid background in a particularly complex institutional context, career prospects are often blocked by other considerations: a structural system and an age pyramid that do not allow rapid progress, difficulties in reconciling family and professional life, the fact of evolving in a visible position or not... So many parameters that hinder the future.

The missing ingredient: a real staff policy with talent identification and optimisation of know-how, as well as career planning

Although the Commission affirms that its staff is its greatest asset and encourages career development of colleagues, it has never yet had a real staff policy.

No talent identification, optimisation of know-how and career planning are organised, new recruits are left to their fate, mobility is not managed and training is sacrificed on the altar of austerity.

Internal mobility, a real obstacle course

All experts agree that mobility should be encouraged and framed so as to allow the development of new skills or simply career development.
Voluntary mobility becomes more and more difficult (and less and less credible) with very few publications of posts in SYSPER: staff sees forced changes implemented abruptly, with neither transparency nor logic, under the pretext of recurrent reorganisations of DGs.

R&D is by your side:
  • to negotiate a real policy of career management planning and mobility based on identification of talents and skills development with the Commission, as well as  ongoing management of a personalized career plan for each colleague.