For the renewal of staff representation

R&D shares your request for a renewal of the staff representation…

In your contacts with R&D, many of you have shared with us their disappointment concerning a staff representation which is increasingly discordant, torn by rivalries and incomprehensible animosities, and gradually moving away from real life in the services and from your real needs.

Faced with the growing proliferation of messages that challenge the effectiveness and clarity of communication, you have particularly appreciated that during the reform negotiation process, R&D suspended all independent communications, to devote all its efforts to the functioning of the Common Front.

You also mentioned that at present it is essential to ensure the best implementation of the Staff Regulations to reduce the negative impact of statutory changes and prevent the Commission staff from continually being penalised in comparison with colleagues in other institutions.

In this context, you have once again expressed the desire to preserve staff unity. You have told us what your fears are regarding the attempts to widen even further the gaps between colleagues and, worse, turn them against each other.

On the eve of elections for the Brussels Local Staff Committee, you pointed out that in the absence of a renewal of staff representation and its practices, your rights are not adequately protected by your representatives who would be unable to oppose the increasingly serious administration malpractices in an effective manner.

R&D shares your fears, heard your call and keeps on deploying its efforts to ensure greater unity of action of the staff representation, including its renewal, notably by ensuring that post 2004 colleagues take on responsibilities, while guaranteeing proximity and careful listening to the requests of colleagues.
  • On the occasion of these elections R&D decided to consider your requests, R&D committed to implement YOUR programme and to ACCURATELY REPORT TO YOU about of its implementation, throughout the three-year mandate of the Staff Committee.