Post 2004 colleagues

Nearly 9,500 of you, i.e. 32 % of total staff.

Ten years after its entry into force, we have all the information needed to conduct an unchallengeable analysis of the real consequences of the 2004 reform on the careers of colleagues recruited after May 1 2004.

It is no longer possible to deny the harmful effects of the Kinnock reform for colleagues hired after May 1 2004 as the Commission has been doing, or even worse, to exploit their expectations for the benefit of cabinet members as during the scandalous organisation of last internal competitions!

Post 2004 colleagues were heavily penalized by the Kinnock reform! This prejudice must be corrected: what has been done is far from enough!

Post 2004 colleagues feel, rightly, that their career is not equivalent to that of colleagues recruited before 1 May 2004.

R&D has already produced its analyses and clearly announced its positions.

However, 10 years after the disastrous Kinnock reform it is no longer time to engage in scholarly analyses, settling scores, requests of reporting...  it's time to take responsibility to make fair, realistic, precise and operational proposals.

Similarly, there is no time to indulge in fanciful proposals such as the "reclassification based on CVs".

Career delay imposed on the post 2004 colleagues cannot be recovered only through the promotion exercise and the limited number of cascades to the lower grades that are allowed.
R&D has always called for the organisation of regular competitions for post 2004 colleagues so they can recoup the career delay caused by the Kinnock reform.

In 2014, the Commission organised such competitions but turned them away from their true purpose by manipulating the expectations of post 2004 colleagues, to ensure parachuting of cabinet colleagues.

R&D was the first union to denounce this deception, well before the publication of competition notices ( And long after, R&D provided legal assistance to all candidates who asked for help.

R&D is by your side to:
  • Negotiate a multi-year planning of real competitions for both AD and AST colleagues, meeting the expectations of post 2004 colleagues and which should allow them to recover the damage suffered during recruitment, organised on transparent basis, fair and waterproof to political pressure and with anonymous testing, ensuring equal treatment of candidates.


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