Improve the working environment

After your career, your work environment is a primary concern, in particular because of the working conditions and the transition to 40 hours.

R&D also found some worsening of these conditions, as well as an increased growth of absences from work as a result of prolonged illness – mainly due to stress reasons..

For economic reasons, the Institution decided to turn to the open space and hot desk approach, without really having studied the impact on its staff. Thinking to make savings on space allocated to the proper course of a working day, the Commission began a policy of reducing the quality of the work environment. The staff and the institution will be the first victims. All the experts already agree to denounce these new forms of space management that affect the well-being of the worker and the quality of work.

Has the Commission become a machine to produce ill-being in the workplace? Does the Commission look after its staff?
Will the Guardian of the Treaties be able to apply in its own services the same standards that it requires of Member States to safeguard the health of citizens? R&D is committed to preserving the health of staff!

R&D is by your side for:

A healthy workplace with:

  • offices complying with standards of Commission Housing Conditions Manual (HCM) regarding space, lighting, hygiene, maintenance of ventilation, air conditioning, room temperature ... and the refusal of "hot desking";
  • consideration of medical problems in the work environment;
  • obtaining suitable ergonomic equipment for anyone who requests it.

A real quality of life for people with disabilities based on their specific needs and facilitating their access to the workplace

Sport halls/Wellness:

  • presence in all buildings;
  • allow everyone to take the time to adopt the right physical posture and the right moves to enable him or her to better address the long term.

And also

  • Quality catering and cafeteria services with reasonable prices.
  • Medical controls established with respect for the patient and the medical secrecy.
  • Greater transparency of the functioning and reimbursements of RCAM.
You asked for it, R&D did it:
  • R&D organised a conference "Wifi and Health" with the participation of an expert from the Ministry of Health of Luxembourg and the Unit in charge of this subject in the Commission.
  • R&D, always concerned about your health, wanted to ensure that all standards were met.
  • R&D has received the commitment of the competent service that the concept of "Intelligent Wi-Fi" which is a trigger system of the Wi-Fi only on demand, will soon be set up in buildings.