Evaluation and Promotion

This issue generates frustration among staff. On the one hand, the assessment exercise, now mostly based on words, phrases, more or less encoded, more or less imposed by the hierarchy, no longer allows the subsequent comparison of merits. On the other hand, R&D repeatedly denounced the real lottery of the promotion exercise: a lottery which nobody can control any longer with promotions randomly distributed according to grades, DGs, years, on the basis of quotas distributed by DG HR without any logic or transparency in a management worthy of Mr Bean!

The principles underlying the promotion system and its lack of fairness in comparing the merits at the institution level are also being challenged by recent judgments of the Court of Civil Service.

R&D is by your side for:
  • the establishment of an appraisal and promotion procedure, based on the best experiences of other institutions, notably the European Parliament;
  • the development of the qualities and skills of each and every one of us, with effective and credible appeal procedures to correct errors and abuse;
  • compliance with promotion rates according to Annex IB in all grades and the forecast of reclassification rates which can ensure a genuine career development for our CA colleagues;
  • taking into account work carried out in the interest of the service and the Institution;
  • evaluation at 90° and 360° of the immediate supervisor.
You asked for it, R&D did it:
  • Every year, a Helpdesk led by our best specialists and our legal assistance service with the best lawyers in this field, are at your service to assist you in your files, complaints and appeals. Do not hesitate to contact us!