European Schools

R&D has always worked to ensure that European schools meet the expectations of parents, with a sufficient number of places, clear and fair enrollment policy and a reasonable location of schools in different districts of Brussels.

Similarly, R&D has always been at your side to take into account the concerns expressed in relation to the quality of education delivered by European schools and support for students, especially those in difficulties.

You asked for it, R&D did it:
  • Faced with more and more flagrant cases of harassment in schools, R&D has called on Bruno Humbeeck, psychologist and researcher in Social Pedagogy, and specialised in family and school pedagogy, to organise a conference on "Harassment in the playground" to discuss this phenomenon and to provide guidelines how to deal with it. R&D also invited all the teaching staff of the European schools and APEE.
  • Given the success of this event, we organised two conferences attended by more than 350 people.
  • The awareness programme is underway in some sections of the European Schools.