Equal opportunities

Equal opportunities: not just a quota problem in management posts!

The policy of equal opportunity of the institution emphasises women's accessibility to management posts, i.e. 40 % of these posts (currently 1471 Senior and Middle management posts are held mostly by men).

R&D supports this commitment but condemns the contempt that the Commission seems to reserve to women colleagues who cannot or do not want access to management posts, particularly because of the difficulty of reconciling working and family life.

In March 2015, the statistical bulletin of the Commission had a workforce of 12,362 permanent and temporary staff women, i.e. 5,734 AD (42.4 %), 6,458 AST (65.8 %) and 170 AST/SC (87.6 %). These figures show the concentration of positions for women on tasks of assistants or secretaries. It is the same for contractual agents colleagues.

How can we talk of equal opportunities and gender equality?
Are there real opportunities for AST and AC who wish to progress in their career?

R&D is by your side:
  • the establishment of an equal opportunities policy which also takes into account the specific problems of AST, AST/SC and Contractual Agent colleagues;
  • the full transparency of appointments to management posts;
  • the organisation of a conference (on 21 May 2015) - with the intervention of Annik Houel, Emeritus Professor of Social Psychology and Director of the “Centre Lyonnais d’Etudes Féministes” - on equal opportunities and career prospects for women AD, AST and AST/SC that can never attain management posts. The findings will be forwarded to the Administration.