Ensure an effective prevention of psychosocial risks and disorders

R&D works with the best experts for your Well-being and Health

R&D has been contacted by colleagues with a high workload and facing a burnout. R&D responded by organising the first conference on the burnout, followed by others.

You asked for it, R&D did it:
R&D organised the following conferences on Well-being at work. More than 3,000 of you attended these conferences.
  • "Burn-out: global and societal aspects" - Pascal Chabot, Professor of philosophy, author of the book "Global Burn-Out"
  •  "Therapeutic and systemic aspects of burnout" - Dr Patrick Mesters and Roger Ortmans
  • "How to manage stress? Stress and the Brain" - Beate Cnudde
  • "To understand and prevent back pain and stress" - Yvonne Paire
  • "Workshop: To understand and prevent back pain and stress" - Yvonne Paire
  • "Welfare at Work - Serenity training" - Irene Nolte
  • "Harassment at work" - Dr Marie France Hirigoyen
  • "Time Management and Meaning of Work" - Pierre Moniz-Barreto, author of the book “Slow Business, slow to work and end the toxic time”

These conferences have had an extraordinary success and brought together more than 3,000 participants. We have seen that this mental health problem, that you face at work, alarmingly affects the institution's various services.

Immediate steps must be taken to protect the health of all staff.

In December 2014, R&D sent an open letter to Ms Georgieva, Vice-President in charge of human resources, to alert her to this and ask her to measure and quantify stress in the Institution.
Under these conditions, one of R&D’s key priorities will be the establishment of a genuine policy of "Prevention of psychosocial risks and disorders" that will highlight the risks to staff if changes do not take place, particularly at career, working conditions and management levels.
If there is no improvement, in a few years (if it hasn’t already happened), some of the staff will become the victim of these consequences and will pay a high price for the deterioration of their health.

R&D by your side for:
  • the establishment of a policy of prevention of psycho-social risks and disorders;
  • an audit of working conditions and a measure of to evaluate stress in the institution in order to develop prevention tools;
  • immediate assistance to any person in case of difficulties in her or his service;
  • information of staff on musculoskeletal disorders...