Creches and childcare facilities

R&D has always denounced the insufficient number of crèche places and unacceptably long waiting lists.

There are approximately 1,100 births per year since 2008. In order to meet the demand of new parents, there are still around 400 places missing.

This problem is also topical in municipal nurseries that are saturated as well, although the Commission was able to obtain some short-term places in local crèches.

However, R&D cannot accept that our children are in an uncertain situation each new school year. Moreover, this uncertainty has an effect on the morale and therefore the work of the parents concerned.

R&D is by your side in:
  • continuing to oppose the sale of the Palmerston crèche decided by the Commission;
  • the introduction of English language classes specifically aimed at educators;
  • the launch of a parent survey to assess your actual needs and respond to them together with our colleagues working in the crèches and kindergartens.

Besides your concerns about the reconciliation of your private and professional life, you also expressed the need to improve the working environment…