Contract Agent colleagues

Nearly 6,500 of you, i.e. 20 % of the total staff.

67 % of you are women who occupy mostly FGII positions. A real policy of equal opportunities in terms of gender and categories of staff proves unavoidable.
In a few years you have become essential for the proper functioning of the services. You have acquired the necessary experience to fill various positions within the institution, and beyond. However, your situation is precarious!
R&D has always been sensitive to your situation and includes contractual agents among its active members to receive the "right and necessary" echo to defend yourself.
Together with its Alliance partners, later with all other unions and with its initiative, R&D has developed a specification covering all aspects of the negotiations to be conducted and measures to be implemented to meet the expectations of our CA colleagues.

Selection and recruitment

R&D is by your side to obtain from EPSO:
  • regular and tailored CASTs;
  • modular CASTs;
  • true harmonisation of procedures between institutions and agencies.


R&D is by your side for:
  • a decrease in the average duration of permanence, in grades, for reclassifications;
  • continuous development of skills and the end of barriers for access to trainings;
  • career development enabling access to a higher function group;
  • transparency in access to TA posts;
  • internal and external “specialised” competitions before the end of 2015.


R&D is by your side for:
  • transparency in the management of service needs, mobility and the implementation of a veritable "Job Exchange" allowing a real mobility between the Commission, Offices and Agencies, in particular the executive agencies.