The certification exercise was set up to allow AST colleagues, with the necessary qualifications and experience, to be able to receive training and become AD. However the number of places is becoming more limited over time and the opportunities to become AD are often just a pipe dream!

R&D has immediately identified the serious shortcomings of 2014 certification exercise: through our actions, the change in the deadline for application has enabled tens of newly promoted AST colleagues to apply since this year. Unfortunately, it was not possible to avoid further slippage for which DG HR was responsible in a new phase of its "Mr Bean Management".

R&D is by your side for:
  • an increase in posts offered for certification;
  • a fair selection of candidates with credible appeal procedures that may correct errors and abuse.

Besides these aspects concerning the procedures for your career, you also asked R&D to address the career specific needs of each one related to her or his status, date of recruitment, age...
For R&D, the attachment to staff unity will never be an excuse to deny the specific needs of different groups, such as the damage suffered by the post 2004 colleagues victims of the disastrous 2004 Reform, 55+, CA, representation staff...

And while taking these needs into account, there is no question for R&D of turning colleagues against each other. Solidarity is always at the heart of our action.