Better balance between work and private life

The establishment of 40h has forced our colleagues to reorganise themselves in order to deal with their daily lives.

Some DGs implement properly the decisions dealing with flexitime and thus enable staff to manage their time better while others act as they please!

The use of part-time and/or teleworking very often depends on the sole decision of the supervisor, depending on his/her mood or goodwill.

The culture of “presenteeism”, developed by the Institution, is a serious mistake. Some colleagues are present paradoxically (without commitment), others excessively (working evenings and weekends), and others present in poor health. According to some studies, all forms of “presenteeism” cost the employer more than absenteeism.

It is perfectly possible to combine more flexibility in the management of different measures concerning working time with the requirements of the services. The effect on staff will be positive: they will in turn be more productive.

You asked for it, R&D did it:
  • R&D has taken a position denouncing the prejudice to the principle of trust and responsibility.